Creating JRE VM Packs

InstallAnywhere 2020 SP2

A JRE VM pack is the InstallAnywhere term for a compressed ZIP archive that contains the files and directories that constitute a platform-specific Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which includes the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that runs an InstallAnywhere-generated installer. InstallAnywhere recognizes the .vm file extension for a VM pack, but the VM pack is still just a compressed ZIP archive. A VM pack must include at least a valid JRE, but it can also include a full Java Development Kit (JDK), which implicitly includes a JRE.

Many VM packs are available for download on the InstallAnywhere Web site. 

If none of the VM packs available on the InstallAnywhere Web site meet your requirements, you can create your own VM pack using the Create JRE VM Pack Wizard. This wizard enables you to package existing JREs and JDKs as VM packs that InstallAnywhere can bundle with InstallAnywhere-generated installers.

To learn how to use the Create JRE VM Pack Wizard to create VM packs, review this section of the documentation.

Using the Create JRE VM Pack Wizard
Directory Name Requirement for Preparing a JRE VM Pack
Creating a JRE VM Pack Manually
JRE VM Pack Structure
JRE VM Pack Properties
Making a JRE VM Pack FIPS-Compliant