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The CreateDir function creates one or more subdirectories on the target drive. You can use a path that contains subdirectories on more than one level, such as C:\Programs\Winapps\Myapp. If any subdirectory in the path does not exist, CreateDir creates it. For example, if neither C:\Programs\Winapps nor C:\Programs\Winapps\Myapp exists, CreateDir creates both subdirectories.

Caution: CreateDir fails under the following conditions:

The path is illegal.
The drive or any subdirectory in the path is write-protected.
The drive name is invalid.
You do not have network privileges to create subdirectories.


CreateDir ( szDirPath );


CreateDir Parameters




Specifies the fully qualified path of the subdirectory to create. Separate each level in the path with a backslash by using the backslash escape character (\\).

Return Values

CreateDir Return Values

Return Value



Indicates either that the function successfully created the specified directory on the target drive or that the specified directory already exists.

< 0

Indicates that the directory does not already exist and that the function was unable to create it. You can obtain the error message text associated with a large negative return value—for example, -2147024891 (0x80070005)—by calling FormatMessage.

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