Conditions Tab

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The Conditions tab of the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor lets you define installation conditions that determine whether an InstallShield prerequisite already is installed on the target machine. Failure to do so causes problems because the target system behaves as if the InstallShield prerequisite was not properly installed. You can also create installation conditions that specify operating system, registry, or file requirements.

If a condition evaluates as true at run time, that condition is met. The InstallShield prerequisite is installed on the target machine if the following are true:

The target machine meets any of the operating system conditions and all of the other conditions that are listed on the Conditions tab.
For feature prerequisites only (that is, an InstallShield prerequisite that is associated with one or more features in the main installation)—The feature that contains the feature prerequisite must be installed. Thus, if the feature has a condition that is not met on the target system, or if the end user chooses not to install the feature, the feature is not installed. As a result, none of its associated feature prerequisites are installed, unless the feature prerequisites are also associated with other features that are installed.

Note • Because installation of prerequisites such as Windows service packs is not supported, the operating system version information is not expected to change. Therefore, the operating system conditions are not considered in verifying whether a prerequisite was installed correctly.

When you click the Add button on this tab, the Prerequisite Condition dialog box opens. This dialog box also opens when you select an existing condition on the Conditions tab and then click the Modify button.

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