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InstallShield 2019 » InstallShield Prerequisite Editor

The Properties tab of the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor is where you specify general information about an InstallShield prerequisite.

Settings on the Properties Tab



Unique identifier for InstallShield prerequisite

Type a unique file identifier for the InstallShield prerequisite or leave the default value as is. This could be the name of the prerequisite application or component, or a GUID.

Note • Every time you open the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor to create a new InstallShield prerequisite, a new GUID is generated and listed in this box.

Alternate location to download .prq from if prerequisite files are being downloaded

If appropriate, type the alternate URL for your .prq file. For example:

For more information, see Specifying an Alternate URL for a .prq File.

Note • InstallShield prerequisites do not have support for FTP URLs.


Type an overview of the prerequisite. This description is displayed under the Overview heading when you select a prerequisite in the Redistributables view.

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