Downloading JRE VM Packs for Bundling in Installers

InstallAnywhere 2020 SP2

When you are configuring each build target in your project, you can specify the Java virtual machine that you want to bundle with the target’s installer. You can download additional VM packs from the InstallAnywhere Web site.

To download a VM pack:

1. In the Advanced Designer, on the Help menu, click Download Additional VM Packs. InstallAnywhere opens the VM pack download page in your system’s default Web browser: 

2. Locate the VM pack that you want to download and save it to disk.

In order for the VM packs that you download to be available for selection in the Build Installers view in InstallAnywhere, you must place them an appropriate location such as the following, or in another valid VM pack location:


For more information, see Adding JRE VM Packs for Your Installers to Your Development and Build Machines.

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