Adding JRE VM Packs for Your Installers to Your Development and Build Machines

InstallAnywhere 2020 SP2

The JRE VM packs that you download or create are not available for selection in the Build Installers view on the Build page until you add them to the installer_vms directory (commonly, $IA_HOME$/resource/installer_vms) or another valid JRE VM path that you have defined in the InstallAnywhere Preferences dialog box.

To add a JRE VM pack to the appropriate location on your development or build machine:

1. Copy the JRE VM pack to a valid JRE VM pack location. The default location for JRE VM packs is:


Note:<InstallAnywhere> does not refer to the project directory containing the InstallAnywhere project (.iap_xml) file. This refers to the location where InstallAnywhere was installed on the build machine.

2. Exit and restart InstallAnywhere.

The JRE VM packs that you added are now available in the VM to Bundle with Installer lists on the Build Targets subtab, which is available on the Build Configurations tab in the Build Installers view. InstallAnywhere refreshes this list each time that you edit preferences or start InstallAnywhere. Therefore, you cannot simply copy a JRE VM pack into a valid VM pack path. You must first open and close the Preferences dialog box or restart InstallAnywhere.

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