Script Files

InstallShield 2012 Spring

Project: This information applies to InstallScript projects.

When you create an installation project, InstallShield creates two script files and stores them in the Script Files folder of your project folder.

Setup.rul is created for global event handlers and exception handlers.
FeatureEvents.rul is created for feature event handlers.

Initially, these two files are empty; the default event handlers defined by InstallShield do not appear in these files unless you select them from within the InstallScript view in InstallShield. When you do so, they are inserted into the appropriate script file and displayed in the script pane in the InstallScript view, where you can edit them.

Note that if you change the default feature event handler code in FeatureEvents.rul, you must put the following statement in Setup.rul to include your changes in the installation:

#include "FeatureEvents.rul"

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