FlexNet Operations End-User Portal Help Library

The FlexNet Operations End-User Portal help library contains the following main sections.




This section provides an overview of help library content as well as an introduction to license lifecycle management and other topics relevant to most users.

Managing the License Lifecycle
Registering for an Account using an Entitlement ID or Activation ID
Logging In to the End-User Portal
Displaying Administrator Information
Performing Searches
Map Entitlement and Activation IDs
Product Support Resources
Contact Us

Managing Entitlements

Provides an overview of entitlement management and detailed topics about entitlements and bulk entitlements, license activation, entitlement line item transfers, entitlement line item and bulk entitlement splitting, manual activation, and emailing entitlement line items.

Managing Licenses

Contains topics on returning, repairing, rehosting, upgrading, upselling, renewing, and consolidating licenses; manual returns and repairs; managing hosts; and advanced support operations.

Managing Devices

Includes device management topics for client, server, and served-client devices that use FlexNet Embedded licensing. Here you can find out more about registering devices, generating licenses, adding partners, moving devices, and viewing device details, history, and usage.

Managing Usage

Shows how to view usage reports for your products that use usage-based licensing.

Managing Downloads

Describes how to use the commands in the Downloads menu to locate and download files for the products to which you are entitled.

Managing Containerized Applications

Describes what containerized applications are and how to view and download them.

Managing Users and Accounts

Provides an overview of user and account management. Mainly for portal administrators, topics include creating, editing, deleting and deactivating users; creating, editing, and deleting accounts; and editing your own user profile, changing your password, and recovering access to your account if your password is lost.