Managing Entitlements

The List Entitlements page displays activatable entitlement line items. The Bulk Entitlements page displays activatable bulk entitlements. You can also search for activatable entitlements based on specific criteria. From these pages, you can view entitlements, bulk entitlements, entitlement certificates, and web register keys; activate licenses; and split, print, email, or export entitlements. See the following topics for more information:

Overview of Managing Entitlements
Viewing Entitlements to Activate
Downloading Download Packages for an Entitlement
Viewing Bulk Entitlements
Activating a License
Transferring Entitlement Line Items
Splitting Entitlement Line Items
Splitting Bulk Entitlements
Short Code Activation
Manual Activation
Emailing an Entitlement Line Item
Viewing Expiring Entitlements
Exporting Entitlements